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The Course

Kings International Ballet Three Year Professional Dancers  Course  is a  vocational course with the focus on training the next generation of Dancers. The course is accredited by the BDQT. 


 The students concentrate the majority of their time in the study of Classical Ballet. To supplement this training, students take further classes in Pas De Deux,Repertoire, Pointe, Coda, Specialist Male Classical Classes and Variations to enable them to achieve the maturity required in Musicality, Artisrty and Dramatic Expression . Students benefit from Private tuition in Variations and Coda. 

Additional classes in Contemporary, Technical Jazz, Commercial Jazz and Character are undertaken to give the student a rounded education in Dance.

Students  are also entered for  the ARBTA Teaching Certificate in Classical Ballet which is accredited by GQUAL and the Anatomy and Physiology Certificate accredited by the IDTA thus ensuring that our students are set up with a new career once they have finished performing. 

Students have the option of joing our Jeune Ballet Company as trainee, apprentice dancers providing additional performance and touring experience .

 Students are prepared for and encouraged to participate in various International Ballet Competitions - which is an inspiring event for any young dancer as well as being wonderful exposure for them.

Applications are made on the student's behalf for paid internships and short term contracts with Professional Companies such as Delattre Company, Cork City Ballet, Opera Nice de Mediterranee and the Mergaliev Classical Ballet Company. Thus providing students with valuable Professional work experience on their CV. 

Students are actively assisted to gain employment during their third year of training. CV Photographs are organised, showreels filmed, Cv's and biographies written and advice given on how to make applications. It is the main aim of the Artistic Directors and all the tutors that the students obtain employment . 

All graduating students  receive The Kings International Ballet  Professional Dancers Diploma, accredited by the BDQT .

Kings International Ballet Academy will never hold a student back nor push too soon, to this end we do not work in year groups but levels - with students being able to change between levels as appropriate . It also means that students are not restricted to the traditional "three year course" - some students may be industry ready in one or two years others may take a little longer. The time frame is unimportant to us at Kings, what is important  is that the students  leave Kings as employable young Professionals. 


We are purposefully small to enable the Artistic Directors and tutors  hands on experience with every student, and to enable them to take students out of class and coach them privately if necessary. This one to one learning is invaluable for the students progression. 

The students  study the  Russian Classical Ballet System under the umbrella of the Association of Russian Ballet  and Theatre Arts.

All students take the ARBTA Classical  Vocational Examinations and can take the RAD Vocational Examinations as an optional extra . 

As part of the Professional Dancers Course, students  to participate in our Student Enrichment Programme where they gain valuable performing, competing,  teaching and choreographic experience.

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