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​Kings International Ballet does not offer housing or boarding. We offer Elite, Vocational Ballet training to Homeschooled Students. 

However, for those students wishing to stay near to us we can recommend Host Families for ages 14+

A Host family  provides students of 14+ yrs term time accommodation within a home where they have the opportunity to live fairly independently with the reassurance that a responsible adult is nearby/on hand if needed. In a Homestay, students learn valuable life skills, building resilience and independence. For example, buying their own food, cooking, laundering their own clothes, keeping the living environment tidy and clean, living with others and generally experiencing life as a young adult.

What's included in Homestay:

  • a furnished room

  • access to communal house areas

  • adult support when needed

  • the opportunity to live independently 

  • access to and/or assistance with laundry facilities

  • 24/7 support from a responsible adult

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