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Professional Dancers Foundation Course 

Kings International Ballet's Professional Dancers Foundation Course is open to exceptionally talented students who are looking for Professional Vocational training in Years 10 and 11.

The course is designed to prepare the students for their on going training at 16, whether that be at Kings or another professional College. 

All enrolled students are registered as Homeschooled for their Academic Education and attend Kings purely for their training in Classical Ballet,  Repertoire, Specialist Male Classical Classes and Variations to enable them to achieve the maturity required in Musicality, Artisrty and Dramatic Expression . Additional classes in Contemporary, Technical Jazz and Character are undertaken to give the student a rounded education in Dance. 

Kings International Ballet  will never hold a student back nor push too soon, to this end we do not work in year groups but levels - with students being able to change between levels as appropriate . It also means that students are not restricted to the traditional year groups - some students may be  ready to progress to our Diploma Course in one  year others may take a little longer. The time frame is unimportant to us at Kings, what is important  is that the students  leave Kings as employable young Professionals. 

All students will be assessed at the end of Year 10 and advice given as to where to audition for Post 16 training. Full assistance will be given to the students for their auditions. For those students auditioning for Kings no audition fee will be charged. 

The students  study the  Russian Classical Ballet System under the umbrella of the Association of Russian Ballet  and Theatre Arts.

All students take the ARBTA Vocational Examinations during their time at Kings. 

As part of the Foundation Course, students are invited  participate in our Student Enrichment Programme where they gain valuable performing, competing and choreographic experience. 



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