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Kings International Ballet does not offer housing or boarding. We offer Elite,  Vocational Ballet and Teacher training to Homeschooled Students. 

However, for those students wishing to stay near the Academy we can recommend a variety of host families for ages 14+ and Ashbeck Properties for Diploma Course and Post Graduate Students students.

A Host Family  provides students of 14+ yrs term time accommodation within a home where they have the opportunity to live fairly independently with the reassurance that a responsible adult is nearby/on hand if needed. In a Homestay, students learn valuable life skills, building resilience and independence. For example, buying their own food, cooking, laundering their own clothes, keeping the living environment tidy and clean, living with others and generally experiencing life as a young adult.

What's included with most Host families :

  • a furnished room

  • access to communal house areas

  • adult support when needed

  • the opportunity to live independently 

  • access to and/or assistance with laundry facilities

  • 24/7 support from a responsible adult 


Ashbeck Properties

Ashbeck Properties provide wonderful houses of multiple occupation for the sole use of our students aged 16+. The standard of these properties is very high indeed and come fully furnished with all bills including wifi included. The houses are a wonderful way for the older students to experience independent living . Monthly costs for a room in a shared house are currently approximately £550-£575 a month but this will change for the 24 - 25 season. 

Parents not  wishing for their child  to stay with Host Family or in an Ashbeck property could rent apartments or houses in Barwell. The accommodation is very reasonable with a two bedroomed house averaging out at about £450 per month each plus bills. 

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