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Level Five and Post Graduates - Focus on being Industry ready and Employable

Our Level Three and  Post Graduate year be clearly defined by our motivation to produce industry ready and employable young versatile Classical Dancers. We produce not just exceptional students but young Professional Dancers.


We achieve this by maintaining the level and quality of classes as illustrated in Year Two but with the addition of :

  • In house Master Classes with current industry practitioners  and invited Guest Teachers as listed on our faculty page

  • Participating in International Competitions in order to expose our students to possible future employer

  • Entering the ARBTA Certificate in Teaching Classical Ballet - enabling our graduates to diversify into teaching once they have completed their performing career

  • Some students will be entered for the ARBTA Diploma in Teaching Classical Ballet 

  • Students are guided through the entire process of Showreel filming, Cv construction and Job applications .

  • Applications will be made on the student's behalf for short term contracts and Internships with professional Companies

  • Performing in our Showcase to an audience of invited  Dance Agents 

  • Classes in the production of  an industry level CV and Show reel

  • Actively sending students to suitable auditions 

  • Royal Academy of Dance RAD Vocational Examinations (Optional Extra)


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